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Amish Community

Slow down and enjoy life as it was meant to be. Southwest Michigan is home to the largest and oldest Amish community in the state. Located near Centreville, River Country’s Amish community was originally settled in 1910 by both Swiss Amish and Pennsylvania German Amish groups.

A drive through the scenic countryside will reveal history, heritage, intriguing attractions and friendly communities. Catch a glimpse of what life is like without electricity and cars–where everything is handmade from scratch with nothing going to waste.

The main mode of transportation for the Amish is horse and buggy. While horses are accustomed to being on the road, please be careful and keep a respectful distance. Amish culture values privacy, and many Amish would rather not be the subject of photos.

Amish Businesses

Discover the meaning of Amish craftsmanship by visiting one of the many Amish-owned businesses in River Country. Browse through quaint country stores, visit a greenhouse and produce stand, or learn about natural remedies at the herbal pharmacy. River Country is also home to Amish woodworking, harness and welding shops. Hours of operation vary, but all Amish businesses are closed on Sundays, so please plan ahead.

Use the map below to plan your route. For your convenience, we also offer a printable guide of Amish businesses and a self-guided Amish tour itinerary.

Explore a simpler way of life in River Country. Plan your visit today!