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Farm Experiences & Markets

With such a beautiful landscape of sprawling fields, peaceful woods and rolling hills, it’s no surprise that River Country is home to a bustling agriculture scene. Nowhere is the area’s bounty more accessible than our many local farm markets, tree farms and fruit farms, and each season offers something different to enjoy.

During summer, farmers markets overflow with fresh-cut flowers and sun-ripened produce. Visit one or several to gather items for a picnic at a River Country park, or take your bounty home as a beautiful (and delicious) memento of your visit.

In autumn, you can almost taste the fresh Michigan air when biting into an apple that was hand-picked at a local orchard. Of course, nothing tastes quite like something you’ve picked yourself, and there are plenty of locations that cater to the u-pick experience.

Area tree farms bring a magical feel to the holiday season with snow-kissed branches glittering under lights strung overhead. Homemade baked goods make delicious gifts, while locally-made brandy, wine and hard cider are perfect for adding warmth to a chilly winter evening.

Spring is perhaps the most exciting time of all, when vineyards, farms and local markets are alive with feelings of growth and renewal. Blossoming trees provide a stunning backdrop for a leisurely country drive.

Explore the area’s many agritourism locations on the map below. Plan your River Country getaway today!